Justin Bieber Forgets Lyrics: Stressed over DNA Test?

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Today, Justin Bieber performed various short concerts, including on the Today Show, The View and at the Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony which would surely close the streets and avenues in midtown Manhattan. But during his performance on the Today Show, the little Bieber forgot some of the lyrics to Santa Claus Is Coming to Town. Whoops!

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It was hard to tell, according to Wet Paint, because of the many screaming teenage fans and surely a single slip won’t cause him to lose many fans. But it is the current timing that makes the entire situation interesting. He is currently stuck in a baby-mama-drama situation and last Friday, he submitted his DNA sample to clear his name. Surely, having fans giving death-threats to a woman with a child, claiming he is the father after a round of aggressive sex in a stadium bathroom isn’t ideal.

Second, Justin Bieber is also trying to keep his relationship with Selena Gomez ideal despite travelling and dealing with the love-child situation. So forgetting the lyrics may be acceptable, seeing he is under much stress. Perhaps someone told him that Mariah Yeater wants another test done just as he was about to perform?

Ah well, surely his fans will forgive Justin Bieber once they find out that he does not have a love child.

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