Justin Bieber: ‘Freaked Out’ Selena Gomez Refuses to Sign ‘Never Say Never’ CD

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. In a very brief period of time, the teen stars’ names have become as inseparable as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Perhaps even moreso. However there’s one difference between Jelena and their older celebrity counterpart, and it’s a big one. Angelina Jolie was a major star—indeed an Oscar winner—before she ever met Brad Pitt. Gomez was a Disney actress on a popular Disney channel T.V. show. She also sang. Now, she is a superstar phenomenon. While no one is suggesting that her meteoric rise to uber-celebrity status is all because of her romance with JB, said romance didn’t hurt. The question is: Is the We Own The Night Tour headliner beginning to chafe in her über idol boyfriend’s shadow. Maybe.

A recent photo has just surfaced of Selena Gomez “freaking out” because a fan asked her to sign a copy of her boyfriend’s Never Say Never CD. As you can see on the photo here, La Gomez does not look like a happy camper. She points at the CD, scowling angrily. Yikes. Talk about overreacting. The Justin Bieber fan site that reproduced the pic wondered if Selena was “totally shocked or freaked out about” the incident, and they’re trying to create a clever caption for the photo. It will be interesting indeed to see what they come up with, because Selena Gomez looks outraged. Or in simpler terms—mad as hell.

So, what do you think? Was Selena simply taken aback by the awkwardness of the situation? After all, it was hardly flattering to be asked to sign her boyfriend’s CD and not her own. Of course, perhaps Justin Bieber’s CD was the only one the fan had. Was Selena’s reaction understandable? Was it egotistical and ungrateful? Or was the fan out of line?

What do you think? More importantly what will Justin Bieber think when he sees this photo?

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