Justin Bieber Gets $1 Million Paycheck for Concert in Israel

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If you’ve wondered whether Justin Bieber’s recent concert in Tel Aviv, Israel was worth all the hassle, you won’t after finding out how much the pop sensation banked for the performance. He reportedly got a cool $1 million! For one concert? Yes. That’s a big-time paycheck!

The Hollywood Reporter quotes sources as saying that Justin Bieber earned his cool million even though the show on April 14 wasn’t a sellout. Apparently, organizers were banking on a crowd of about 35,000 turning out to see the show. The actual turnout was much lower – estimates are between 17,000 and 24,000. No confirmation, by the way, from the main promoter on the $1 million payout.

File:Justin Bieber in concert crop.jpgBefore you start thinking that Justin Bieber doesn’t have a massive fan base in Israel, understand that concerts there aren’t always promoted well – certainly not the way they are in the U.S. One promoter is quoted as saying that he didn’t want to touch a Bieber concert there because it could be a tough sell. Given that hefty price tag, can you blame him?

The thousands of fans that did attend the concert at Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park were treated to a great show, but it’s amazing to think that an artist as incredibly hot as Bieber couldn’t get a sell out. Was it bad promotion, you think? Or just the current market? Is $1 million a fair amount to pay Biebs to take the stage?

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