Justin Bieber Gets Another Tattoo—What Does It Mean?

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Justin Bieber has managed to avoid becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol thus far, but he may have another addiction—tattoos. He is only 18, and has just gotten his eighth tattoo. His body is not that big! Is he going for his dad’s look?

Justin’s latest ink is an owl. He revealed the tattoo via his Instagram on October 27 with the caption, “Befo the paps get me.” Meaning, he wanted to show his millions of Beliebers his latest artwork before the paparazzi got a picture of it. Apparently, owl was the theme of the night in Justin’s entourage. His photographer, Mike Lerner also tweeted a picture of his new owl tattoo, although, the two are not identical. That would certainly be a little awkward.

The newest tattoo is on his left forearm, just on the other side of his Believe tattoo. Fans are already reacting to the new ink, with most of them praising the owl. The colorful tattoo is certainly eye-catching, but it just doesn’t really seem to fit with the rest of the singer’s tats. Or does it?

According to one Belieber, the tattoo signifies, “OWL symbolizes: Wise, Magestic and Powerful. Best tattoo ever.” Justin retweeted the message, so he obviously agrees. Owls are universally seen as smart creatures.

There is another theory about the tattoo as well. Anybody who has been to a Believe concert may recognize the “branch” the owl is perched on in the tattoo. You can click here to discover its hidden meaning.

What do you think of Justin Bieber’s new tattoo? Is he getting carried away with the body art or is it a part of who he is?

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