Justin Bieber Gets Invitation for Corruption From Nathan Sykes

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Justin Bieber will turn 18 in March, and Nathan Sykes is ready to corrupt him. Nathan is part of the British band, The Wanted. The band toured with Justin during part of the South American leg of his tour last year. People in the United States are just now getting exposure to the five gorgeous young men who make up the group.

In the UK, these guys are nearly as popular with the young girls as Justin Bieber is all around the world. Their reputations are what set them apart. The guys of The Wanted are more prone to be the guys girls do not want to take home to meet the parents. They have a bit of that bad boy thing going for them and it is obviously working judging by their fan base. The guys just ventured onto American soil a couple of weeks ago, and are already amassing a large American fan base.

Nathan Sykes is ready to show Justin a good time, as soon as he is legal. He reveals, “When he turns 18 we’re going to fly him over.” Nathan is referring to the UK, where it is legal to drink alcohol at the age of 18. The invitation for debauchery will probably be passed over. Justin has an image to uphold and has already said he has no plans to jump into that drinking and partying scene.

Of course, he doesn’t have to drink. He could be the minder while the others get plastered. Drunk or sober, girls will no doubt clamor to catch even the tiniest glimpse of two of the hottest stars on the planet. Nathan Sykes has a pretty strong following. Jay McGuiness points out the effect Nathan and Justin would have on females, “Imagine Nathan and Bieber walking around London. They’d kill it. The girls would go crazy.” Can girls handle that much cuteness all at once? It would be tough, but certainly manageable.

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