Justin Bieber Gets Locked Out by Selena Gomez After Failed Sushi Date

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s night started out like so many others in the past. They were just sitting down to enjoy a night sushi dinner at one of their favorite restaurants, Yamato, when things quickly turned sour. The night ended with Justin locked out of Selena’s house and begging to be let in. Things are certainly rocky at this point in the Jelena relationship.

Last night, witnesses reported seeing Justin pull up to the restaurant in his white Ferrari. Selena drove her own car. Friday’s date night was a stark contrast to the night before. Selena was very dressed down in skinny jeans, and a white shirt that showed off her trim tummy. She barely wore any makeup and sported black-rimmed glasses. Justin wore black pants and a black tank. Upon entering the restaurant, things looked very normal with Justin placing his hand on Selena’s lower back.
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Witnesses say five minutes later they were up and out the door and the affection was gone. Later in the evening, Justin’s fancy car was parked outside the gates of Selena’s home. She was obviously miffed and refused to let him in. In a very uncelebrity-like show, Justin stood outside the gates apparently begging her to let him in. Doesn’t that just break your heart? Pictures of the incident show how upset Justin was.

It looks like he was going to try calling her when she refused to come to the gate. Selena can be seen opening another side gate, but did she finally let him in? This is certainly not good news for Jelena fans. Can Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez work out whatever it is that has tore apart their relationship?

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