Justin Bieber Gets New Jesus Tattoo

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It’s well-known that Justin Bieber is a born again Christian. His religious faith has sustained him through his difficult early life and it is the bedrock of his phenomenal success. So, when the Never Say Never superstar was spotted earlier today in Maui, where he’s vacationing with his girlfriend, Monte Carlo star, Selena Gomez, sporting a “shocking new tattoo,” it should have come as no surprise that his tattoo has religious significance.

Justin Bieber’s new tattoo is a vertical column of what appears to be black letters or symbols inked on the side of his chest just beneath his left armpit. According to sources, the Biebs’ new tattoo means Jesus in Hebrew written in the Hebrew alphabet. It’s a wonderful tattoo for such a religious young man to have–although it’s located in a rather odd place. The question is when did Justin get it? And where? A logical assumption would be that he did it sometime during his controversial My World Tour stop in Israel. It’s possible, but it seems the Israeli paparazzi would have jumped on the story immediately–especially after Justin lambasted them for interfering with his attempts to walk the Via Dolorosa. Plus, Israel was a while ago. Wouldn’t someone else, somewhere else have noticed it by now?

Perhaps Justin Bieber’s new tattoo is exactly that–brand new. Maybe he got it in Hawaii. However, that too is a long shot since in the photos, which you can see by clicking here, it doesn’t have that red and/or swollen new tattoo look. It looks like it’s been there for a while.

Oh well, just as Justin finally came clean about his romance with Selena Gomez by kissing her Sunday night at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, he’ll, no doubt, tell his fans–or Tweet them–about his new tattoo. All in good time.

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