Justin Bieber Gets Revenge on Twitter: 26,000 Text Messages Sent to Teen Who Hacked Account

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Don’t mess with the Biebs. That’s what Detroit teenager, Kevin Kristopik, found out the hard way. In retaliation for hacking his friend’s Facebook account, tween star Justin Bieber, posted a message on Twitter, which included the phone number of his enemy.

Kristopik got a hold of Bieber’s phone number from a friend of the singer, by hacking into the friend’s Facebook account. Once he had Bieber’s phone number, he sent numerous text messages and was asked to stop – requests which Kristopik ignored. Bieber then posted a message on Twitter page inviting his fans to call him.

NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 11: Justin Bieber attends a press conference to present a check to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee for Flood Relief at the Bridgestone Arena on August 11, 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)

The message was simple, but caused a lot of problems for Kristopik: “Everyone call me 248-XXX-XXXX :) or text.” Little did his fans know, they were calling Kristopik and as a result, Kristopik received 26,000 text messages before he changed his number.

This childish move shows Bieber may be a star but he still acts like an immature child. Acting first, thinking later. Sure, Kristopik was definitely in the wrong when he hacked the Facebook account and sent unwanted text messages, but it was a low blow for Bieber to use his 4 million Twitter followers to do his dirty work for him.

Who knows how much the bill will be? It may be a drop in the bucket for a star like Bieber, but for an average family it might be a little difficult to handle.

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