Justin Bieber Gets Sappy on Twitter, Not about Selena Gomez

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Leave it to Justin Bieber to get a little emotional. His fans know that Bieber has risen from obscurity and a couple of YouTube videos to arguably the most popular 17-year-old on the planet.

Justin Bieber 2011The thing that is odd though is that Justin didn’t gush about Selena Gomez, but rather his fans. This afternoon (Aug 1), Justin Bieber took to his Twitter profile to get a little nostalgic. He tweeted:

woke up feeling really blessed today. grateful to all of u. thinking back over the last few years is crazy. just woke up to say thanks. (sic)

He woke up to say thanks…and then he hit snooze and rolled back over for a couple more hours of shuteye. Hardly! He did tweet out about a special U.K. promotion at Harrods just a couple of hours later, so it was back to work for the Never Say Never Singer. Somewhere in there was probably a call to girlfriend Selena Gomez, though no Twitter shout out. All of this is well and good, but why so sappy and why now?

Perhaps all of this has to do with the first anniversary of his Tumblr blog. Justin Bieber’s Tumblr page called My Bieber Experience launched just last year and features fan videos and recounts of fan experiences meeting the singer. Maybe all the gushing from fans made Bieber gush back on Twitter, in a 140 characters or less.

Photo: Adam Sundana (Flickr), via Wikimedia Commons

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