Justin Bieber Gets Tattoo Grief From David Letterman

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On Thursday night, Justin Bieber showed up wearing a new tattoo when he visited David Letterman on his late night show. Sadly, the talk show host wasn’t really happy about what the 18-year-old had brought to the program via the inside of his left arm.

In fact, he took the Biebs to task about this very fresh inking which is just one word: “Believe.” The obvious self-promotion by way of the artist’s own skin about his latest album is done in black and is written in block letters.

Letterman wasn’t having it. He begged the teen to stop putting these sort of inkings on his body, saying some do so to the point where they look like the Sistine Chapel, which Bieber called the Sixteen Chapel, possibly by mistake and possibly as a joke.

In any case, check out what happened next here in this video. Obviously, David was so overcome by what happened when JB went to the tattoo parlour that he pounced on the young superstar whereupon Justin was not happy, making his elder back away.

Apparently, the veteran TV personality knows nothing about getting a tattoo and didn’t realize that Justin Bieber was still in pain after receiving the inking. The whole deal made David Letterman realize he had gone too far, and so he apologized to his singing pal before the night was over.

So what do you think? Do you like the new Justin Bieber “Believe” tattoo? Was David Letterman out of line by getting so personal about it with the singer? Thoughts? Thanks.

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