Justin Bieber Gets Testy Over Selena Gomez Split Question

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Justin Bieber is not ready to talk about his relationship status with Selena Gomez. The news has been all over the internet and is a little hard to avoid. Justin is in Boston tonight on his Believe tour. Earlier today, he had to go through the motions and endure radio interviews as a part of his concert promotions. He is used to the interviews, but he is not cool with the questions about his personal life.

Earlier today, a radio host decided to be a “jerk” and ask Justin about his breakup with Selena. Justin’s response was very telling. He was obviously not prepared for his personal life to be invaded. He responded, “Alright. I don’t what to say, really. I don’t know if you even know what’s going on in my life, so, to even assess that doesn’t make sense.” Ack!

Justin was clearly not comfortable. He goes on to say, “I haven’t made any comments.” If you listen to the audio recording closely, you can hear a loud bang. Did Justin get mad? Poor guy has got to be miserable right now. Nobody likes to have their problems broadcasted for the world to see and hear.

Thankfully, the host realized how awkward the moment was and quickly said, “Let’s go on to the next subject.” Justin’s irritation was evident, and he snaps, “That would make sense.” Note to future interviewers: Leave the Selena Gomez questions off the table. Justin Bieber didn’t like talking about his relationship before, and he is certainly not about to start now.

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