Justin Bieber Gets Unusual Birthday Present, But Not From Selena Gomez!

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Justin Bieber celebrated his 18th birthday today, with much love from his fans, followers, friends and girlfriend Selena Gomez who sent some affection his way on Twitter. He even scored some pretty sizeable b-day swag, with his manager Scooter Braun and Usher gifting him a $100,000 electric car called a Fiskar Karma to add to his impressive collection of wheels. The Biebs is even reportedly going to plunk down about $14 million to buy himself a birthday treat: two Los Angeles mansions, one for him and one for his mom. How incredibly sweet! All this said, it was a present that Bieber “unwrapped,” not from Gomez, but from American Idol host Ryan Seacrest that really took the cake!

Seacrest, 37, gave the “Baby” singer a Costco membership for his big 1-8. Yes, that’s right! “I’ve known you for a few years and I’ve been waiting for this moment because there’s something I’ve wanted to give you on your 18th birthday,” he announced during his radio show, On Air With Ryan Seacrest, as Hollywood Life reports. “It’s something that I love. My buddies and I used to use this quite a bit when we were roommates. It’s a lot of fun. Think of the endless fun you can have with jugs of salsa and buckets of hummus!”

File:Justin Bieber, April 2011.jpgGag gift? Well, maybe. Nevertheless, now Justin Bieber can be a part of the club –granted it’s definitely a different club than many celebrities are prone to frequent. While Bieber doesn’t really need the discount prices the warehouse superstore offers, the membership may still prove useful to him, especially for pantry staples in that new pad of his. And he seemed to appreciate the gesture, telling Seacrest of the present, “It’s gonna be amazing. I can’t wait.” Well, perhaps he was thinking about his new ride and potential new residence, instead?! Or maybe he’s heard about the store’s free food samples…

No matter, Costco customers, get set for some potential Justin Bieber and maybe even Selena Gomez sightings!

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