Justin Bieber Gives Selena Gomez $30,000 Chanel Watch

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Justin Bieber should change his name to Sir Galahad. Because, apparently, he’s Selena Gomez’s knight in shining armor. When his Monte Carlo leading lady was hospitalized earlier this month with malnutrition-induced high blood pressure and exhaustion, many people criticized the Biebs for not rushing to her side. Well, shame on them. Because the Teen Dream later gave his Latin Girl a get well gift fit for a princess.

Yes, Justin Bieber bought Selena Gomez a little present after her hospital stay–just a little something special to cheer her up after her ordeal. It wasn’t much, but it just happened to be exactly what she wanted–“a $30,000 Chanel watch, complete with a pink diamond bezel.”

“It’s a watch Selena has wanted for years,” tattled a close friend of the former Disney starlet, “but her parents wouldn’t let her buy it. Justin surprised her–and it was just what the doctor ordered. We thought it was so sweet when he turned up at the NYC première of Monte Carlo to surprise Selena–and the fact that he was toting around the pricey timepiece made the surprise that much better!”

Indubitably. And the surprise must have been made even more delectable by the fact that it was the same “pricey timepiece” that Selena had wanted to purchase for herself but was prevented from doing so by her mom. How sweet of Justin to understand, and then go find that very same watch. It was definitely a “grand gesture.” And proof positive that Justin Bieber is “crazy for Selena Gomez.”

Kudos, JB. Lucky girl, Selena.

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