Justin Bieber Got ‘Excited’, Had Some To Change His Pants After Dancing With Nicki Minaj

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Justin Bieber may have won multiple awards last night but apparently he couldn’t contain his excitement when Nicki Minaj was dancing near him. In fact, he got so excited, according to one report, that he had to change his pants immediately and take a shower.

Apparently, Nicki’s sexy dance moves were a little bit too much for The Biebs to take. He is only 18 years old so it’s not really too surprising if he can’t control his urges, but it must be embarrassing to be on stage in front of millions and have something like that happen!

Here’s what’s being reported by Media Take Out:

“The assistant tells us that Justin Bieber had an ACCIDENTAL INCIDENT in his pants, while dancing with Nicki Minaj.

It all went off during Justin’s performance. Everything looked FINE from the audience, but it did appear that Justin was VERY into the performance. But after the performance, Justin rushed off stage and had an ODD request—he needed to change his PANTS immediately.

The production assistant explained that “He was rushed to his dressing room and he changed and took a shower. Then he came out, about ten minutes later, to accept his award.”

Yikes. It’s not clear if this really happened or not but it does look like Justin was into watching Nicki Minaj dance sexily near him.

Do you think there’s any truth to this?

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