Justin Bieber Grows ‘Movember’ Mustache — Relax, Selena Gomez, It’s for Charity

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It’s ba-aack. Yes, once again Justin Bieber is growing a mustache. But lest Selena Gomez, who has in the past publicly stated that she prefers a clean-shaven JB, freak out, and before his more traditional beliebers take to their Twitter pages, it’s all for a good cause. The Biebs is growing his Movember ‘stache for charity.

Yes, it’s November, the month when men grow and compare mustaches. (Who knew?) Movember is a slang term combining “mo” for moustache and the month “November.’ And Justin Bieber has jumped on the upper lip hair bandwagon. As all well-versed believers know, JB has started to cultivate mustaches many times in the past but he’s always given up—er—changed his mind and shaved them off. However, this time, the teen idol is growing his Movember fuzz for a good cause: “to raise awareness of prostate cancer.”

Like the rest of the Movember competitors, Justin Bieber began this month clean-shaven. The guys must then cultivate their mustaches for 30 days, and at the end of November, they’ll get together “comparing and appreciating each others mustaches in a manly way. The thicker the better.” O.K.

So, there you have it. You can see photos of Justin Bieber’s Movember mustache by clicking here.

One question: How is the winner chosen? Who judges the Movember mustache comparisons? If it’s left up to a public opinion poll, Justin Bieber will have a definite edge. What do you think?

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