Justin Bieber Hangs Out with His ‘Wife’ Mrs. Bieber!

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Justin Bieber has just proved that dreams really do come true by doing something very special just in time for Valentine’s Day! So what sweet thing has the Biebs done this time? Did he present Selena Gomez with an engagement ring, or did the couple decide to have a quickie wedding in Vegas?

Here’s the mysterious message that the Biebs recently posted on his Twitter page: “hangin out with a special little girl. #MrsBieber.”

So who is this “Mrs. Bieber?” Some fans might have thought that Justin was referring to Selena as his wife when they first read the tweet, but as small as Selena is, it would sound silly for him to call her “little girl.” Instead Justin was referring to 6-year-old Avalanna Routh, a girl suffering from a rare form of cancer. She calls herself “Mrs. Bieber” because her biggest dream has been to meet Justin Bieber in person—she’s even planned her wedding to him!

And now Justin’s tweet shows that her dream has come true. Hopefully, he brought a special Valentine’s Day gift for Avalanna since he’s meeting her right before the romantic holiday (of course he had to save the 14<sup>th</sup> for Selena Gomez). Since Avalanna’s dream is to marry the Biebs, perhaps he bought her a beautiful “engagement” ring as a gift.

It would also be great if he performed a special song for the little girl or planned a Valentine’s Day date for her. Whatever the Biebs had in store, surely Mrs. Bieber had the time of her life.

It’s amazing how much Justin Bieber cares about his fans, and it’s so heartwarming to hear about a celebrity doing something so sweet for someone who really needs something special in her life. Selena Gomez is certainly a very lucky girl to be with a guy who is so caring, and it’s safe to say that Avalanna won’t be the only special girl getting a big surprise for Valentine’s Day.

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