Justin Bieber Has a Wife in Massachusetts?

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Justin Bieber has a wife in Massachusetts and “Mrs. Bieber” would very much like for her husband to come “home.” Mrs. Bieber is actually a 6-year-old cancer patient and thanks to a program sponsored by the Jimmy Fund, she was able to “marry” the Baby and Never Say Never singer. Now the bride would really love to meet her groom.

According to a report from WHDH in Boston, Avalanna Routh has a “fast-moving, rare form of cancer.” Her family wants her to experience all her heart desires and they are striving to make all her dreams come true. The Jimmy Fund helped when they set up her mock wedding to the Biebs.

“The bouquet she created, and a wedding planning album and it was wonderful, just another fun moment,” said Aileen Routh, Avalanna’s mother.

Justin BieberNow, however, Avalanna really wants to meet Justin Bieber, and while she fully realizes she isn’t really married to the pop superstar, she’d still like to see him face to face. It’s one of her biggest dreams.

Family members have set up a Facebook page for Avalanna, dedicated to her dream of meeting Justin Bieber. It’s uncertain if the singer is even aware the page exists, but everyone is keeping their fingers crossed.

Both Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez are known for being incredibly kind and generous to their fans. And whenever Selena travels she visits fans in local children’s hospitals.

While Avalanna might not be too keen on meeting Selena (after all, she is Justin’s wife–not Selena) she definitely has her heart set on one day meeting Justin. The sad thing is, no one knows how many “one days” the little girl will have.

You can see a picture of little Avalanna as well as a video clip of the original news report by clicking here. Once Justin hears and sees Avalanna singing Baby–his heart will positively melt!

Justin? What do you think? How about a quick trip to Boston?

Stranger things have definitely happened!

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