Justin Bieber Has “Diva-like” Meltdown on Live T.V.

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Justin Bieber’s public persona is that of a sweet, mellow, remarkably normal kid who says his prayers, loves his family, enjoys his work, and adores his fans.  However, there are two sides to every story.  Could it be that the Never Say Never star possesses diva-esque personality traits that his adoring public has never seen?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Justin Bieber’s “diva” side reared its shockingly unattractive head last week when the teen idol appeared on the daytime show, The Talk.   At first, Justin seemed to enjoy sitting on the sofa and chatting with his female hosts–Sharon Osbourne, Julie Chen, Leah Remini, and Holly Robinson-Peete.   But problems arose when Robinson-Peete tried to gift him with a The Talk baseball cap.   In the process, she inadvertently touched what was then still his trademark bowl-cut hair helmet.  Justin yelled at the top of his lungs:  “No, no, no. DonÂ’t touch my hair!”   Apparently, Robinson-Peete thought the teen idol was joking, because she persisted in trying to fit the cap on his head, even after he put up his hands to stop her, saying he’d “rather have three eyes than wear it.”  At that point, Robinson-Peete gave up, and Justin spent several minutes “desperately (trying) to re-do his hair.”  Later, Justin was spotted  “driving a buggy around the set” backstage.  One source said “he was out of control.”

Sadly, his The Talk show incident wasn’t the first time Justin Bieber has lost his temper in public.  Last May, he suffered a similar meltdown on an Australian talk show called
Sunrise. When a crew member tried to show him where to stand, he shouted:  “DonÂ’t ever f****** touch me again!”

Apparently, the teen dream was still in partial diva mode at the Brit Awards where he won the award for Best International Breakthrough Act.  In true diva fashion, he reportedly demanded the best table, access to all areas, and “a private audience with  Rihanna.”   He was later photographed “flirting” with the R & B star. 

While it is true that Justin Bieber “isnÂ’t exactly having a normal youth and being the most popular teen in the world can play havoc with oneÂ’s manners,”  hopefully, he will be able to emerge from his teens psychologically unscathed by his dizzying adolescent stardom.  He has a loving family, good handlers, and what seems to be a genuine love for his craft.  Hopefully, his previous diva moments were anomalies, and his future lapses, if any, will be few and far between.

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