Justin Bieber Has Minor Car Crash With Ferrari! Is He Distracted?

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Justin Bieber was involved in a minor car crash, make that Ferrari fender bender, on Tuesday afternoon. The other victim? A lowly Honda Civic. The best news? No one, not even the cars, were harmed.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the incident occurred in the San Fernando Valley where officials reported a Honda Civic collided with Bieber’s sporty, black Ferrari. “No one was injured and there was no damage to either vehicle,” confirmed the LAPD. Of course, “paparazzi was on the scene.” The flashbulbs wouldn’t miss this little mishap, which means plenty of photos will soon be making the rounds!

Of course, the accident must have been pretty minor and inconsequential to not even leave a scratch on either vehicle. Wonder if Justin Bieber was the one at fault? The Biebs certainly seems like he could be a bit preoccupied and distracted lately, and rightfully so, what with his multiple projects, new song collaborations, public appearances and buzzed-about personal life with girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

File:Justin Bieber 2010 2.jpgCase in point? On Sunday, he attended the MTV Video Music Awards, wearing an unusual ensemble (even for Bieber!) with overly sagging pants that he paired with leopard-print sneakers, nerdy frames and a pet snake accessory. What’s more, the Biebs even acted strangely on stage when he accepted his Best Male Video VMA for “U Smile.” He didn’t acknowledge Gomez, who had awkwardly interviewed him on the pre-show black carpet, nor did he thank his fans.

Good thing his fans probably forgave him the minute Justin Bieber Tweeted his apology for the oversight, and it looks like his trouble in Ferrari paradise isn’t too severe. So, the pop sensation is emerging unscathed from the consequences of his potentially preoccupied frame of mind.

And, if nothing else, the other person involved in the incident certainly has a story to tell. Not many people can claim they were in a car accident with Justin Bieber.

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