Justin Bieber Has Personal Relationship Expert: Selena Gomez Problems?

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Justin Bieber has revealed he has his own personal relationship expert, perhaps to help him out with his romance with girlfriend Selena Gomez? Hopefully, the adorable couple isn’t having any serious dating problems! The 17-year-old pop sensation has been together with the Disney starlet for such a long time (at least by Hollywood standards) that any expert relationship advice he’s receiving must be working so far.

According to Stuff.co.nz, the Biebs recently confessed that he’s not only a huge Dr. Phil McGraw fan, but he also has his own version of the TV psychologist-life coach, fellow music idol Usher. “We always talk about, not only business, but like relationships and how to cope with being where I am in the world. He’s been great. He’s been my Dr. Phil,” Bieber said. Given Usher’s similar blockbuster success, and the fact that the 33-year-old R&B singer has a few years on Justin Bieber, it’s no surprise he’s in a position to dole out some helpful advice on how to deal with the roller coaster of fame and fortune, the pushy paparazzi, and perhaps most importantly, Bieber’s constantly buzzed-about relationship with Selena Gomez.

File:Justin Bieber April 2011 2.jpgIn fact, although Justin Bieber sang the praises of Dr. Phil and even admitted he would like to attend a live show, he has a much better personal relationship expert in Usher, who has firsthand experience of his situation in the music spotlight. And now that Bieber’s swagger coach Ryan Good (coincidentally a former assistant to Usher) has moved on, the Never Say Never hit-maker must be especially glad he can still hang cool with his unofficial life coach and soak up his words of wisdom.

Stuff.co.nz report that Bieber also has some specific views on his famous tresses. Interestingly enough, Bieber has a hair idol in David Beckham, and he’s apparently trying to “bend it like Beckham” when it comes to his style. The soccer star is known to change his hair all the time, and even don a headband now and then.

Hmm… Justin Bieber better check with Selena Gomez before making any major hair changes. After all, communication is the backbone to a solid relationship (no doubt Usher has told him that!). Not to mention, his former swagger coach may have nixed the headband idea. Bieber probably should just stick to the hair he does best and that his fans, and surely Gomez, love.

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