Justin Bieber Headed for Meltdown According to Fellow Artist

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Justin Bieber’s life is about to get rough. Sure he has fame and fortune, but eventually, the Fame Monster is going to eat him alive. That is according to former Take That singer, Robbie Williams. It is no secret child celebrities often crash and burn just as they reach adulthood and fade into the sunset. Some are prone to drug and alcohol addictions while others are forced to beg for work in the business.

Is it possible Justin may suffer the same fate? During a recent interview, Robbie reveals his predictions for Justin’s future, “There is a list longer than my arm of f***-ups.” In the expletive-laden tête-à-tête, the British singer says, “It’s inevitable that someone like Justin Bieber will hit a hard time. You hear about everybody going, ‘You’re s***’. And you go ‘f***, I’m s***, I’d better go and do something else.'”

Justin gets a lot of criticism. He has struggled to win the acceptance of his peers with the latest insult coming from the lack of a Grammy nomination. Will all the hate and negativity get to Justin? Robbie thinks it will and says that the constant criticism may lead Justin to throw up his arms and walk away from it all.

It is sometimes hard for people to realize celebrities are human. They have feelings and are just as affected by nasty comments as any other regular Joe would be.

Hopefully, Justin can rise above it all and continue to do what he loves. His Beliebers seem to be a pretty solid group of fans who will not be leaving his side anytime soon. Avoid the drugs Justin, keep your head on straight and you will be just fine.

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