Justin Bieber Hires Prostitutes in Amsterdam?

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Justin Bieber had a hell of a week in London—and not in a good way. His week in the British capital was sheer hell, filled with threats to and brawls with paparazzi, an onstage collapse and subsequent hospitalization, keeping his fans waiting for two hours while he allegedly played video games and/or argued with his handlers, and skulking about the late night London streets shirtless with his pants falling down. Whew! Poor Biebs. But not to worry. He probably cleaned up his act in Holland. Or not. Rumor has it that JB didn’t just smoke weed in Amsterdam, he also hired prostitutes. Yikes. Don’t look now, beliebers, but it looks like the teen idol of the millennium is not only growing up, he’s growing up to be Charlie Sheen.


Before everyone blows a gasket, Justin is an 18-year-old, unmarried adult who is self-supporting, and as such he has the right to do what he wants as long as he doesn’t harm others or break any laws. And in Holland, prostitution is completely legal. In fact, 61 of the 92 recognized nations on planet Earth have legal or decriminalized prostitution. The 61 nations that still consider prostitution a crime are mostly backward countries where extreme sexual repression and institutionalized misogyny are the norm. Iran and Afghanistan are prime examples. And of course, there’s the U.S. Oops.

Again, whatever. All adult human beings have a right to a happy satisfying sex life. If this story is true, perhaps Justin Bieber’s encounters with the women working in de Wallen (Amsterdam’s red light district) helped him relax and feel better. If so, more power to him. And the sex workers he reportedly visited made a nice chunk of change. Nobody got hurt.

Only Peter Pan remained a boy forever. Real human beings grow up and become adults. Get used to it.

Stay tuned.

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