Justin Bieber Holds Out Hope for Selena Gomez Reconciliation

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Justin Bieber hasn’t given up on the prospect of Selena Gomez taking him back. Do you think he’s kidding himself or is there some hope for a reconciliation down the road?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, the As Long As You Love Me singer isn’t simply holding out hope—he’s determined that she will eventually take him back.

It would be rJustin Bieber - The Bieberhood Fan Siteeally interesting to hear Selena Gomez’s take on Justin’s assumption. Have you seen how happy she appears to be—hanging out with her girlfriends—completely unencumbered by Justin’s displays of immaturity? She’s having a ball!

There’s been lots of talk about Justin’s recent egotistical displays. But do you think that’s all a facade? He’s relied on Selena for a long time as his ‘better half’ and now that she no longer plays that role, he has to go it alone.

The really frightening thing here is that lots of people are now expecting Justin Bieber to crash and burn. Will someone intervene before that happens? Justin likely isn’t a bad kid. He’s lost and his heart is broken. Most 19-year-old boys would act similarly to his recent behavior. They just wouldn’t be doing it in the media spotlight.

Do you think Selena will ever take Justin back or is he dreaming?

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