‘Justin Bieber: How Arrogant Can You Be?’ The Biebs Misbehaves In Manila

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Justin Bieber: How Arrogant Can You Be? is the title of a video posted on YouTube Wednesday by a girl named Andrea whose dad, an airline employee in Manila, tried to get the Biebs to autograph a CD for Andrea’s sister. Apparently, the teen idol who’d fallen ill with a chest infection during the Manila leg of his ongoing My World Tour, wasn’t in the mood to put his much-sought-after John Hancock on anything.

“But take a look on what he did,” lamented Andrea. “He tapped my father’s hand and the cd fell on the floor. Nobody from his crew helped him. Not even an apology from Justin Bieber himself. Where are your manners now kiddo? i know you’re sick but you could’ve at least said sorry you are not signing anything. How could you do that to my father?”


So far, Justin Bieber–How Arrogant Can You Be? has garnered almost 7,000 views. Comments on the Baby singer’s behavior have been mixed. Some were condemnatory, but other beliebers defended him. And of course some defensive die-hard beliebers went after the ones who dared to criticize their deity. Typical.

Sadly, knocking a CD out of a fan’s father’s hand wasn’t the only faux pas the teen dream made on a tour stop that has been fraught with problems. In addition to, or more likely because of, his illness which was so severe that he actually vomited between songs during his one night only Manila concert, the Never Say Never star was reportedly rude and/or arrogant on several occasions.

The 17-year old heart-throb reportedly snubbed the throngs of fans who’d been waiting for hours at Ninoy Aquino International Airport to see him off when he left the Philippines on Wednesday morning. According to video footage of his departure, he was “walking hurriedly” in an apparently “foul mood,” and he even told his fans to “get out of his way.” Another report showed the superstar “telling a cameraman, ‘Can you back up, bro? Thank you,’ when the latter tried to shoot footage at the x-ray scanner. And last but not least, he failed–or refused–to show up at his Manila concert’s after party. And he apparently didn’t send a rep in his place to apologize.

So, there you have it. A less than perfect view of the pop superstar. After reviewing the incidents listed above, the question is: was Marge Helgenberger right after all when she called the Bieb’s a brat? Or was the poor guy simply having trouble maintaining his cool when he was sick, exhausted, and in a hurry.

Justin Bieber–How Arrogant Can You Be? What do you think?

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