Justin Bieber in New PETA Ad Campaign (Video)

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Singer Justin Bieber has recently posed for a brand new PETA ad campaign.  The clever advertising incorporates the young star’s song titles into several tag lines for the advertisements.  Bieber may be just the spokesperson to help out with animal adoption, or he may just become even cuter to his fans.


According to a report at VH1.com, some of the clever lines in the new Bieber ads include “Animals Can Make U Smile, Adopt from Your Local Shelter,” and “My World Includes Passion for Animals, Yours Should Too.”  Justin also is part of a video advertisement for PETA.  In the clip (seen below), Justin talks about his personal experiences with visiting animals at animal shelters, and about how his dog Sam was the friend he needed when he moved to a new city.

Justin Bieber (pictured via Wikipedia) is still rising off his early singing success which has gained him plenty of adoring young female fans. It’s hard to say if his ads will make more girls want puppies or just make them gush even more about their favorite young singer.  Bieber joins celebrities Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes, Pamela Anderson, and Paul McCartney as PETA spokespeople.  In the past, several of those celebs posed nude for PETA, but Justin will probably need to wait a while if he even decides to go that route.  It’s good to see him getting involved in a cause though, because there’s plenty of puppy love that needs to be given with so many animals in need of good homes.

Learn more about Justin Bieber at peta2.com.

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