Justin Bieber Indulges in Retail Therapy on Rodeo Drive

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Justin Bieber has been on the road over the past few weeks performing almost nightly on his Believe tour. He is finally getting a few days off and headed back to sunny California for a little rest and relaxation. What is a guy with millions of dollars in the bank to do on his day off? Go shopping of course! And when Justin goes shopping, it is in style on the trendy Rodeo Drive.

Yesterday, November 13, the Biebs was spotted strolling along with a few pals as he did a bit of shopping. The “Boyfriend” singer looked to be in a bit of a dark mood. His ensemble seemed to match his current disposition. He wore all black with bright blue sneakers. He even wore a black hat. Is he mourning something or someone? You can check out a slew of pictures here.

He didn’t look particularly happy to have his picture taken, but did stop and take a quick snap with a fan. What a guy. Despite wanting to be alone, he sucked it up and posed for at least one picture. He was clearly having a rough day. His shopping adventure ended with him getting pulled over.

Today is a new day, and hopefully it goes much better for Justin Bieber.

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