Justin Bieber Instagram Photo Creates New Trending Topic

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Justin Bieber isn’t just the most famous pop star of the age. He can make other people become famous as well–sometimes accidentally. On August 12, JB posted an Instagram pic of himself and his friend Kleo Thomas. Almost immediately, “Justin and Khleo” became a trending topic on Twitter. The most amazing thing of all was the fact that the Biebs wasn’t even trying to create a new trending topic. His fans did it for him, all by themselves.

Yes, in the Twitter-verse, it seems that beliebers rule. So much so, that Justin Bieber’s friend, Khleo Thomas’s name is now known to the world. Thomas achieved a certain level of fame several years ago for his role as Zero in the bizarre film, Holes, which starred Selena Gomez’s former crush, Shia LaBeouf. These days, Khleo is a rapper, so perhaps there’s a chance he’ll collaborate with JB on his upcoming album. Especially after this. Khleo was so overwhelmed by the Twitter frenzy generated by JB’s 12 million strong belieber army that he later posted a message expressing his heartfelt appreciation.

“Shout out to all the #Beliebers,” Khleo Tweeted. “Much love and respect y’all. Shout out to @JustinBieber dude is too real. #Swag.”

Well, there you have it. Justin Bieber posts a picture, and a new Twitter “star” is born.

You go, Beliebers.

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