Justin Bieber Investigated for ‘Gun’ Assault on Woman

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Justin Bieber’s life is becoming increasingly bizarre with each passing day. If his drama-filled past few months are any indication of his future, by the end of 2013, JB will have revealed himself as an alien. Or at the very least a vampire. Seriously, the latest bizarro Biebs situation involves Selena Gomez’s ex being investigated for assaulting a woman with a gun at her. That’s not a misprint. A gun. But lest Piers Morgan get his panties in an even more annoying twist than usual, it was only a Nerf gun. Even so, the lady was not amused. She was reportedly mad as hell, and she even filed a police report.

It all started back in November in Ottawa, Canada when a woman filed a police report claiming she was assaulted by JB or someone “Biebs adjacent.” The assault took the form of a flying object. As it turned out, Justin was playing with his little brother and sister with Nerf guns, and one of the darts must have accidentally struck the woman. To make matters worse, the woman worked as a security guard for the venue where JB was performing. Worse still, the cops not only took her report, they’re taking the whole incident seriously. They’ve actually interviewed several bystanders about the incident. Ah, the Mounties. So dedicated, so thorough, so—whatever.

So there you have it. Will Justin Bieber be charged with assault with a deadly Nerf weapon?

Stay tuned.

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