Justin Bieber is A One-Woman Man

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Justin Bieber is clearly a one-woman man, and many people feel he’s made an excellent decision in behaving that way. He and girlfriend Selena Gomez have been together for well over a year now, and he considers her to be one of his many blessings.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, being a one-woman man is indicative of Justin’s maturity. He could certainly be taking advantage of his celebrity status to take advantage of Selena Gomez and Justin Biebergirls—a different one every night if he wanted—but that’s not the kind of person Justin is.

Justin’s behavior with regard to his treatment of Selena Gomez has impressed many people, too. He has traveled to be with her, sometimes from continents away, just to spend a few days together. The two have shared time together with each other’s families, and they both hold that family time in the very highest regard. They show up and support each other on their tours and film shoots.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are perfectly happy doing things together that are deemed normal by non-celebrities. They eat out at low-key restaurants like IHOP and Hooters. They mill around shopping. And they both are kind and generous to their fans.

This young couple has endured through difficult times, too. When Justin was accused by Mariah Yeater of fathering her child, Selena stuck by him from the very start. When Selena’s mom had a miscarriage, Justin supported her family, too. They clearly understand the importance of commitment, and that commitment in a real relationship isn’t simply limited to each other.

Justin Bieber seems to know what long-term love involves. And if he and Selena stick together, he will likely take the next step to find that long time love with her. In the meantime his faithfulness to Selena is refreshing—especially in light of so many young celebrities who have a different girl in a different city for every concert tour.

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