Justin Bieber Is a ‘Superhero’! Jeremy Bieber Defends Son Against the Haters

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Justin Bieber has endured a lot of hate over the past several months. His antics have kept him in the headlines, while his music has taken a backseat. He has been dubbed a brat by various folks who have had run-ins with him and cannot seem to make a right step in the eyes of the media.

Despite all the negativity, Justin has at least one staunch supporter, and it isn’t Selena Gomez. Although, it does appear she has decided to get back together with the troubled star and give him a chance to show he will behave. Jeremy Bieber, Justin’s dad, has apparently had enough of all the badmouthing of his son and has publicly spoken out.

On Sunday, April 21, Jeremy tweeted, “Listen all! @justinbieber is a superhero You cant tire him you cant break him,you cant knock him down! He is and always will be! #Biebers.” It has got to be extremely rough for a dad to sit back and watch his son be verbally attacked on a daily basis. That papa bear instinct to protect is fierce and so far, Jeremy has managed to keep it contained.

Yes, Justin has been behaving badly lately, but everybody must remember he is 19 and living an extraordinary life. His typical teenage antics are amplified because of his celebrity status, but they are really not all that shocking. He isn’t doing anything other kids his age haven’t already tried.

Justin Bieber needs to refocus. Hopefully with Selena’s return to his life and the continued love and support of his family, he will get through this difficult transition.

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