Justin Bieber is Going to Get Drunk, According to The Wanted

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Justin Bieber might find himself getting into big trouble because of The Wanted, so Selena Gomez better start worrying about her boyfriend’s next trip to England.

The Biebs recently said that he has had beer before, but he never lets his drinking get out of control. It was kind of a big deal when Justin admitted to drinking, but perhaps it shouldn’t be all that surprising that the pop star has had alcohol since the legal drinking age in his home country of Canada is 18.

However, now it seems that the Biebs is going to let loose and drink like a fish the next time he visits the U.K., where the legal drinking age is also 18 (perhaps alcohol advocate Josh Hutcherson needs to leave Heath Ledger’s tree house for a London flat). Apparently Justin Bieber has accepted that The Wanted are going to get him drunk, because Nathan Sykes said this about one of Justin’s recent interviews:

“You know what’s funny, he’s just accepted it. I was watching an interview the other day and he was like, ‘Yeah, they’re going to get me drunk, there’s nothing I can do about it’.”

Tom Parker also claimed that he’s going to get Justin “f**ked up.” So if he and his band mates get Justin doing keg stands or body shots off of beautiful bar babes, hopefully they capture it all on camera. But surely the Biebs wouldn’t upset Selena Gomez by getting other girls involved in his first drunken adventure.

The Wanted have also revealed that they’re working on coordinating their busy schedule with Justin Bieber’s so that they can tour together again. If they do make this happen, the “Baby” singer with the baby face better be careful – Max George and his mates might turn Selena Gomez’s boyfriend into an alcoholic.

So are you worried about The Wanted getting Justin drunk, or do you think that the band will take good care of the Biebs? Hopefully one of them will at least be there to hold his hair back when he starts puking.

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