Justin Bieber Is Just a Puppet but Not for Selena Gomez (Video)

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Justin Bieber is just a puppet without strings. But not for Selena Gomez. In fact, the Spring Breakers star isn’t even in the picture. Okay, Okay… The JB in question is a hand puppet in a hilarious new Boyfriend parody music video called Toyfriend.

The Toyfriend video which you can watch below stars a hand puppet teen idol named Puppet Bieber. He drives a swag car, wears silver sneakers, and romances a Selena Gomez clone puppet who actually bears an eerie resemblance to Justin’s Boyfriend video vixen, Rachel Barnes.

“If I was your boyfriend, I’d hug you til you melt,” sings Puppet Bieber to his prospective girlfriend. “My belly’s full of stuffing and my hair is made of felt/You can move my arms and take me everywhere you go/I’m a puppet on your hand and I’ve got no legs below”

Toyfriend isn’t the first parody inspired by JB’s phenomenally successful music video. Last month, a dark parody done from a girl’s perspective appeared online. In it, a crazy belieber kidnaps JB and keeps him prisoner in her room eating fondue and pretending to be her boyfriend. Needless to say, she never lets him go. Ouch.

Whether or not the real Justin Bieber has seen either parody is unknown. However, he does have a cameo appearance in Toyfriend. At about the 2:07 mark when Puppet Bieber sings “If I was a man and not a muppet,” a cardboard cutout of the real Teen Dream rolls onto the screen.

Oh well, close enough.

Enjoy the video.

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