Justin Bieber is mocked after New Zealand Interview (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber got cyber bullied on Twitter for his interview. He got messed up in an New Zealand  interview when the interviewer thought Justin didn’t know what the word, German meant.  When in reality, Justin couldn’t understand the interviewer’s accent.  The interviewer was referring to Justin Bieber’s last name and his heritage, but Bieber didn’t understand the question.

So the media got hold of it, and made fun of Justin Bieber for not knowing what the word, German meant.

What a bunch of idiots.  Justin Bieber is not dumb, but the interviewer who is dumb made Justin Bieber look dumb with his dumb question that Bieber couldn’t answer.  It is the interviewer’s place to be clear, not the person being interviewed, and then to make fun of a 16 year old nice kid like Justin just infuriates me.

The interviewer had  what’s called a Kiwi accent, whatever that is.  I guess if I don’t know what a Kiwi accent is, I’m dumb, too.  The cyber bullying really got me.  People have to twitter about something.

Don’t feel bad Justin Bieber.  I’m sure you have more fans than that interviewer had with or without a Kiwi accent.




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