Justin Bieber Jailed By ‘Fashion Police’

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Justin Bieber may earn accolades for his singing from certain sectors but when it comes to style, the Fashion Police are after him for one particular outfit he put together that was, well, scary.

Said outfit was worn by the Canadian mega-star while he was in Japan before he put on a show in Tokyo and during the time he reunited with Selena Gomez. So, perhaps the Biebs was trying too hard to be cool in the Land of the Rising Sun at that particular time. Or, perhaps his stylist just wasn’t on his or her game.

Whatever the reason, this particular sartorial statement as worn by the guy who all Beliebers think can do no wrong was not appreciated by the E! Entertainment Television show arbiters who talk about who’s hot and who’s not in terms of fashion.

So what was this getup that was given the thumbs down by Fashion Police?

For starters, Justin Bieber was wearing a two-pronged bandana in his hair, which George Kotsiopoulos thought was just not working for him. Kelly Osbourne thought JB, in his cut-off jean jacket and red sneakers, was simply dressed in a way that was too immature for him.

Meanwhile, Giuliana Rancic called his attire, which included zippered pants with a falling crotch that she thought looked like they were made for a female to wear, “straight up gansta.'” She added, “I can’t tell if he is a Blood or a Crypt.”

All in all, Justin Bieber just didn’t cut it with the Fashion Police while he was in Japan, creating a big fashion fail with the E! Entertainment Television crowd who decide who looks good and who looks bad on any given day during any given situation.

Sorry, JB!

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