Justin Bieber Jealous of Selena Gomez and Hunky New Co-Star?

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On August 3, Justin Bieber visited Selena Gomez on the set of her new movie Feed the Dog. As usual, the über famous couple seemed to have no problem being photographed indulging in some sweet and sexy PDA before JB whisked his lady-love away. Interestingly, Jelena wasn’t the only couple sharing PDA on the Feed the Dog set. Selena and her hunky co-star, Nat Wolff were caught doing some serious on-screen liplocking in the Parental Guidance Suggested film. Plus, they seemed to enjoy each other’s company off camera as well. Since Biebs is known for being extremely “protective” of Selena, he was probably displeased by what he saw on both counts. In fact, maybe he decided to drop by for the express purpose of keeping an eye on Wolff with Gomez.

According to the Daily Mail, Wolff’s and La Gomez’s kissing scene was “sweet and passionate with 17-year-old Nat tenderly holding Selena’s face as she leaned into him with an arm on his waist.”

Awww. Well, they’re actors after all, portraying a teenage couple in love. They were just being good at their jobs. Right?

“And even when they weren’t smooching on camera,” continued the source, “the pair certainly looked like they were getting on like a house of fire.”

In fact, in one ineffably cute off camera moment, “Selena couldn’t stop laughing as she appeared to be picking a feather out of Nat’s hair.”


Sadly, it’s true that Justin Bieber has sometimes showed a jealous streak in his relationship with Selena Gomez in the past. He reportedly once refused to accept a birthday gift from Selena that would have consisted of simultaneous “his and her” massages. JB reportedly hit the roof when he found out both massage therapists were hunky young guys.

Ah teenage relationships.

Oh well, you can click here to see photos of Wolff and La Gomez’s hot liplock as well as their playful behavior when the cameras weren’t rolling. Do you think her “Boyfriend” was be jealous?

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