Justin Bieber Keeps Selena Gomez Safe and Protected on Rock Climbing Adventure

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been photographed cavorting all around the globe from the beaches of Bali and Hawaii to their respective hometowns Ontario, Canada, and Grand Prairie, Texas. And they’ve been spotted doing all kinds of things, from hang-gliding to wakeboarding. To the dismay of most beliebers, they’ve mostly been doing major PDA. Recently in New York, however, they chucked the PDA in favor of one of JB’s other favorite sports, when the Teen Dream took Selena rock-climbing.

Yes, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez took their romance to a, literally, much higher level on June 30 when they went on a very unique date: rock climbing at the Chelsea Piers’ Sports Center. Their instructor and eyewitnesses claimed they were surprisingly good at it—mostly because of their great communication. And according to their instructor, the ability to communicate is the key to successful, i.e. safe, rock climbing.

“Justin and Selena took a semi-private lesson which lasted about one hour,” explained the instructor, adding: “Justin was a pro and very daring. His main concern was making sure Selena felt safe and protected. They both had a blast. Even though Justin is on the small side, he is very strong!”

Apparently, becoming a successful rock climber requires the ability to “be a very good listener, pay attention to your climber, and be willing to push yourself to your limit. It does require a lot of team work.” Sort of like being in a successful romance. Hmm?

Well, looks like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are, like any fun couple, finding new and ever more exciting ways to have fun together. And they were able to expand their communications skills in the process. Keep up the good work, you crazy kids.

Note: Who Says Selena Gomez is a chicken?

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