Justin Bieber Kicks Backup Dancer — Is He Growing Up A Bully?

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It seems Justin Bieber just can’t do anything right.  Last week he was photographed flipping the middle finger in public, and driving over a paparazzo’s foot.  Later he was filmed “attacking” a camerawoman in a 7-Eleven store.  Then, he guiltily absconded to London where he got “busted” almost immediately for a shocking public display of “violent  choreography.”   At the risk of sounding like an imitation of Gossip Cop:  “So what?”

According to Hollywood Life, Justin Bieber “kicked off the first date of his My World UK Tour in Birmingham, England…with a scripted kick against a trained stunt dancer.”  Normally, the people at Hollywood Life would find that a perfectly innocuous “acrobatic feat,” but after Justin’s dodgy stateside antics last week, they wonder if the “pressure of the media (is) turning our beloved Biebs into a big bully?”  Is he developing anger management issues?

The answer is: maybe.  However if the Biebs is indeed losing his ability to cope, the proof of his metamorphosis into a bully has nothing to do with a fake onstage karate kick.  Get a grip, people.  It’s a dance routine, not a street fight.  The kick was “scripted.”  The dancer was a trained stunt man.  So, what’s the problem?   What is a 17 year old male teen idol supposed to do in a lavish stage production?  Cartwheels, perhaps?  Or a ballet pas de deux?

Like it or not, Justin Bieber is growing up.  Soon, the world will have to face the biological fact which he is now facing–or trying to face.  Puberty is now behind him, and next year, he will be an adult.  At some point between now and then, the Biebs is going to have to start acting like a man.  That doesn’t mean that he should flip more middle fingers or accost more paps.  However, it does mean that his onstage persona will sooner or later have to undergo some serious alterations if he intends to make performing his life long career.  Seriously, even the truest belieber would probably cringe at the sight of a 35-year-old post-teen dream crooning Baby in a creaking phony falsetto voice.  

Last week’s lapses of judgment and displays of temper were wrong, and Justin Bieber will have to answer for them.  He’s already apologized for one and semi-explained another.   As for his professional persona, engaging in carefully choreographed, pseudo machismo posturing hardly makes him a bully.   Perhaps, the world should just back off and let the man mature.

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