Justin Bieber Kisses Random Girls at Tribeca Film Festival–Selena Gomez Jealous? (Video)

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On April 27, Justin Bieber was photographed kissing a bunch of random girls at the Tribeca Film Festival. That’s right. Kissing. It’s one thing to make a fan’s day by saying hi, shaking hands, taking a pic with her, or even giving her a warm, friendly hug. But kissing? Shouldn’t that be reserved for your girlfriend? And speaking of Selena Gomez, what will the Spring Breakers star say when she sees the video below? “Who Says” she won’t be jealous?

As you (and Selena) can see on the video below, JB descends the stairs and dives right into the crowd of screaming, weeping beliebers. Leading with his lips, he grabs the first girl on his right and plants one on her. Of course that made the screaming grow even louder. Poor Biebs. It’s a miracle, he didn’t suffer hearing loss from being so close to all those high decibel shrieks. He also poses for several pics with his lips planted firmly on beliebers’ cheeks. One smart girl actually got him to come back for seconds by claiming the photo didn’t turn out. And he fell for it! Also, at about the 1:04 mark, a male belieber or perhaps a paparazzo asks for a handshake. Whether he received it or not is unknown.

So, there you have it. Will Selena Gomez be jealous? Probably not. As the video shows, Justin Bieber kissed all his eager fans on the cheek.

Enjoy the show.

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