Justin Bieber Knows He Was An Accident, One Selena Gomez Loves

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Justin Bieber is fully aware that he was conceived by accident–an accident that both girlfriend Selena Gomez and mom Pattie Mallette are now truly grateful for. His honesty is sharing such personal details about his life is part of why fans love the Believe star so very much.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, it was during an interview in Australia that Justin talked about his mom.

“She’s amazing,” Just Profile Picture in said about Pattie Mallette, “I was definitely an accident.”

Even though he may have caught his interviewer off guard a little bit–Justin didn’t hesitate to keep right on going–staying straight on the topic of his illegitimacy–as it was called decades ago.

“It’s great my mom is super young, she’s a friend and a mom. She’s always been really strict, she still keeps me in line,” Justin explained, clearly proud of his mom.

Both Justin and Selena Gomez were raised by very young mothers, and it’s likely part of the reason the two connected and went on to share their deep devotion to everything family centered.

Do you think Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will wind up being young parents, too, or will they wait until they are considerably older before starting a family of their own?

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