Justin Bieber-Lady Gaga Fill Times Square with Beliebers and Little Monsters–Conflict?

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On New Year’s Eve, Justin Bieber duetted with the legendary Carlos Santana. Lady Gaga sported a deceptively normal silver evening gown, but her head was tricked out like a giant crystal ball. Together the 2 greatest pop stars on the planet attracted record crowds of their respective fans to Times Square to ring in the New Year with the traditional countdown to the dropping of the glittery crystal ball. Yes, Beliebers and Little Monsters actually occupied the same space at the same time. Fortunately, and surprisingly, no fur flew. Only good times.

For those with short memories, Justin Bieber fans AKA Beliebers, and Lady Gaga fans share a troubled history. It all began on Thanksgiving, 2011 when someone started a Twitter rumor that JB had been hospitalized after collapsing from a serious asthma attack. When it turned out to be a false alarm, someone accused some Lady Gaga fans AKA Little Monsters of starting the rumor. The Little Monsters angrily denied any involvement in the hoax, and a Twitter feud quickly ensued.

So, what happened when all those not-so-long-ago inimical Beliebers and Little Monsters got together at Times Square? Nothing. At least nothing untoward anyway. Justin Bieber sang the old Beatles hit “Let It Be” with the legendary Carlos Santana. And Stefani Germanotta, AKA Glitterball Head sang “Born This Way” and “Marry The Night,” and proved she could count down from 10. And a good–and peaceful–time was had by all. Past grievances were forgotten or at least set aside. For Beliebers and Little Monsters alike, New Year’s Eve was all about seeing their idols in the flesh, and hopefully getting their autographs.

“He was beautiful and wonderful,” gushed a 22-year-old Belieber who came to Times Square with her Belieber friend, age 21. “I wish he had sung a song I knew.”

“She was so good,” gushed a 13-year-old Little Monster. “I loved the part when she climbed onto the poles. No one else did that. She looked so happy while she sang.”

Who says they all can’t just get along?

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