Justin Bieber Leaving Selena Gomez Behind

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Justin Bieber is leaving Selena Gomez, again. After a week of dinner dates, public squabbles and plenty of sleepovers, Justin has to get back to work. He is scheduled to perform in Pittsburgh tonight as he heads back out on tour. Will Selena join him?

Justin loves to perform, but has got to be missing his home. Late last night he tweeted, “time to head back out on the road.” There were no hashtags about how excited he was, only a simple #BELIEVEtour. Is he getting tired of life on the road already?

When the tour first started, Selena was there for her man and was often spotted in the audience watching Justin with adoration. She can’t be by his side all the time, but has made a good effort to support him whenever her schedule allowed. That is until the last couple of weeks. It was pretty obvious there was trouble in paradise.

Last night, the two had a goodbye dinner before Justin headed out. Now, that things seem to be all fine and dandy between the two of them, it is very likely she will follow. According to the rumor mill, part of the reason for the breakup was trust issues. It will be difficult for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to trust each other when they are thousands of miles apart.

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