‘Justin Bieber’ Looking Dirty, Hairy, and Lice-Infested–Eeww (Video)

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“Justin Bieber” is looking very dirty and hairy– and not just on his head. It’s his whole face–lips, nose, eyes, cheeks, chin. Seriously, he looks like something the cat spit up. It’s so gross. And no, it’s not from the steroids he considered taking to grow a beard to please Selena Gomez. And there’s something else. It seems he has crab lice. Poor Biebs. How did this happen?

How indeed.

Remember back in the day, circa last year, when people all over the world were making likenesses of JB? There were the legitimate wax statues at Mme Tussaud’s and other wax museums around the world. There was a solid gold Bieber head worth more than a million dollars. There was a JB made of cheese, and another hewn from bloody raw red meat–sort of like Lady Gaga’s dress but with a face. Perhaps the pièce de résistance was the super controversial full length bronze Jelena statue featuring Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez nude and joined at the hip. But even that was nothing compared to this newest grotesque creation. A nutjob–er–artist called, for lack of a real name, MonalisaNak3d, has created a portrait of the Teen Dream “using pubic hair he collected from people around the world.” When MonalisaNak3d posted a video of the creation of his art on You Tube, he described it thus:

“The content here is strictly art,” he claimed. “If you feel the need to age restrict it – so be it. Though there is no NUDlTY here, and the context is art and comedy, not in anyway s3xual.”

Sex, if safe and hygienic would have been O.K. Even the most militant prudes would have considered it preferable to this. This is just plain weird. Obviously, Mr. MonalisaNak3d has way too much time and not enough anti-psychotic medication on his hands. That’s a bad combination.

Whether the Biebs knows about this latest artistic incarnation of his image is unknown. However, you can watch the video of the “artist” MonalisaNak3d, creating his masterpiece on the video below. Or you can see a photo of it by clicking here.

If you dare.

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