Justin Bieber Loves Playboy Mansion, But Here’s Why Selena Gomez Shouldn’t Worry!

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Justin Bieber was recently reported to be nearly obsessed with the Playboy Mansion, leaving fans to wonder what girlfriend Selena Gomez might think of such a provocative fixation. Who knew the 17-year-old pop sensation was so tight with Hugh Hefner, who sure is getting his fair share of sensational buzz lately. First, Hefner scored with his Lindsay Lohan nude Playboy pictorial, spurred by the leaked photo scandal, now he’s getting a dose of serious Bieber Fever. But a new report suggests that the Biebs may like the Mansion for reasons other than one might expect. Hint: Gomez no longer has any need to worry about her man mingling with too many bunnies.

Sure, pretty girls and Playmates are probably a perk, but when Bieber visits Hefner’s pad, he’s far more concerned with things like privacy and prestige, and a bit of good clean fun, too. A source said, “Justin does go to the Playboy Mansion and loves it when he is there. He can go whenever he likes — it’s a complete open door policy for him.” Wow, sounds like he and Hef are pretty tight. The source also confirmed, “There are two main reasons he loves it so much. First off, it gives him privacy that he can’t often get from anywhere else and he is never bugged by anyone while there. He loves the game room and just hanging out and loves bringing friends. Also, when he is there, it’s one of the few times that he really feels like a celebrity, so it is a major ego-booster. Selena is also invited anytime she wants as well.”

File:Justin Bieber, April 2011.jpgThe first reason Justin Bieber loves the Mansion is pretty understandable. The “Baby” singer is at a level of fame where he can go or do little without the intrusive gaze of the paparazzi, not to mention that of his countless Beliebers. It must be nice to have some spot of refuge. As for the second reason? Well, that one seems a bit farfetched. From top-of-the-charts songs and sold-out concerts to snatching up awards, red carpet craziness to constant fan-demonium, not to mention one super-successful fragrance, Justin Bieber must have plenty of other places (other than Playboy Mansion!) where he feels like a star. After all, he only needs to consult his Twitter account and his ever-growing millions upon millions of followers for an ego boost.

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