Justin Bieber Loyal Not Only to Selena Gomez, But to His Old Friends!

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Justin Bieber has seemingly been quite the dedicated (and affectionate!) boyfriend to Selena Gomez, despite each of the stars’ demanding schedules, their obvious fame factor and the intrusion of the paparazzi. The adorable couple appears incredibly devoted and still down-to-earth, even recently going on a round of low-key, fast-food lunch dates in the Los Angeles area. But the “Baby” singer also hasn’t let his extraordinary popularity and success go to his head when it comes to his other friends–those of the male variety. He may count big-time names like Usher, Lil Wayne, Drake and countless others as good pals, but his real BFFs have a bit (make that a lot) less celebrity renown.

“I just rock with my old friends, Ryan and Chaz. I’m happy with the friends that I have,” Justin Bieber, 18, revealed in the May 2012 issue of Seventeen magazine, in which the hot-topic pop sensation is featured on the cover. “I don’t let anybody close to me.”

File:Justin Bieber.jpgBieber is, of course, referring to Ryan Butler and Chaz Somers, who knew him from his childhood days in Stratford Ontario, where he performed covers of R&B songs, as Hollywood Life confirms. He even gave Ryan quite the impressive Christmas gift last year: a white mustang convertible.

Hollywood Life loves Bieber for being so loyal to his before-he-was-famous friends and it’s hard not to agree with the site’s perspective. There’s no denying Bieber’s cool factor–and his latest hit, “Boyfriend,” is definitely pretty chill–but the fact that he’s made it a point to maintain close ties to his boyhood besties is also pretty impressive. Selena Gomez must love that her guy not only is one of the biggest international heart-throbs and probably (in her opinion) a class-act boyfriend, but that he also has a heart for charitable causes and still appreciates his “real” friends who knew him before the Bieber Fever hit.

It’s hard enough for the non-celebrity set to sometimes keep up with childhood friends, what with the pressures of work, family, long distance and more. Justin Bieber definitely deserves a standing ovation for staying close with his guys.

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