Justin Bieber Macy’s Black Friday Commercial Goes Viral!

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Justin Bieber’s new Macy’s Black Friday ad has went viral with almost 2 million views on YouTube now! Did you see it yet?

This commercial shows a bunch of grown man screaming like little girls when they get to the chance to see Bieber. They think he is amazing, and you can tell Justin acts like it is no big deal and laughs them off. He even jokes that they are excited about the Black Friday sale at Macy’s!

This Justin Bieber commercial has almost 2 million views on YouTube and is very popular with fans. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it here. Justin does a great job as an actor. They also promote his cologne that is sold at Macy’s department stores.

What do you think of the Justin Bieber commercial? Did Macy’s do a great job? Will you be visiting the store because of it tonight? Will you buy something Justin Bieber this year?

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