Justin Bieber Missing Selena Gomez? His Mystery Love Message

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez not only show off their adorable relationship via public displays of affection and other romantic moves, they also are frequent users of social media platforms Twitter and Instagram to post sentimental, lovey-dovey posts and plenty of cute (and sexy) pictures. But was one of the “Baby” singer’s latest mushy, mystery messages intended directly for his main girl?

Bieber and Gomez have recently been apart for a bit of time, with Gomez in Los Angeles and the Biebs first in London to promote his new “Boyfriend” track and his upcoming album, then in New York City for the Tribeca Film Festival. But there’s no doubt the couple was following each other’s every public move via Twitter (and probably a lot of personal texting and phone calls, too!).

So when Justin Bieber tweeted a teaser for his new “Boyfriend” music video along with the words, “Goodnight world. Love you out there,” was it a secret bedtime wish for Selena Gomez? After all, it appears Gomez really inspired some of the lyrics to his new song!

Hollywood Life thinks it could be Bieber letting Gomez know he loves her, even if he’s miles away. And, yes, it is possible that Bieber might just be missing his girlfriend and playing Mr. Romantic by sending out mystery messages that she knows are intended for her and no one else.

File:Justin Bieber 2.pngBut, it’s also no big secret that Justin Bieber has a veritable love affair with his crush of followers to whom he really owes his success. He even recently admitted that he could fall in love with a fan, although it hasn’t happened yet. Well, that’s probably because he already has Selena Gomez!

Still, that said, his tweet may have not had a hidden meaning and it may just have been really what it seems from the outside, a showering of affection to his “world” of Beliebers, complete with a gift—his music video sneak peek.

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