Justin Bieber: Mom Versus Selena Gomez, a Dating Double Standard?

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Justin Bieber reportedly seems to have a problem with his mom dating. It is apparently okay for Justin to date the likes of Selena Gomez, but is not comfortable for the “Baby” singer to see his mother Pattie Mallette move on with her life.

See, Pattie had told Justin that she refused to date until he reached adulthood. Now, Bieber is 18. So it should be perfectly fine for her to go on some dates and find a companion, right?

Well, not exactly. In a recent interview, Justin Bieber was none too keen on his mom dating The Bachelor host Chris Harrison. He told Ryan Seacrest about how upset he was at the whole thing.

“They both came to my show, but I’m pretty sure they came separate,” exclaimed Justin. “I’m still not cool with it, but I guess I’m going to have to be.”

Yep, that’s what is called growing up, Justin. Just because you get to go all the planet with your high-profile girlfriend in Selena Gomez, doesn’t mean that your single mom has to stay single forever. The thing is, Pattie Mallette has a right to choose whomever she wants to date. It is pretty unfair of Justin to step in and publicly call out Chris Harrison. If he doesn’t like a guy, can’t he just pick up the phone and call his mom?

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