Justin Bieber Not Good Enough to Waltz into Will Smith’s Family without an Interview

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Justin Bieber stopped by the Ellen Show to talk about all things Justin. As always, the host did her best to pry into Justin and Selena Gomez’s relationship, but he was keeping mum. Don’t panic! This does not mean they broke up. He rarely talks about Selena during his visits to Ellen.

He may not have been willing to talk about his girlfriend, but he did talk about one of his good friends Jaden Smith. According to the Biebs, it is not easy to be friends with Will Smith’s kid. In fact, the Hollywood superstar puts Justin through the ringer a bit before he permitted a friendship between Jaden and the Biebs.

Justin explains what kind of warnings and advice Will handed down, “He’s like if you going to be around my kid, you have to make sure you do this and this and this.” The “this and this” is pretty standard parenting stuff, “be respectful.” Apparently, Will takes his career serious and wants Justin too as well.

The teen boys may be superstars in their own right, but the Men In Black star is still the daddy. He also made sure Justin got plenty of rest the night before a big day. Like most teen boys, Will revealed Justin is really loud! The “Boyfriend” singer got a little defensive and said everybody was loud, not just him. And it isn’t Justin being loud; it is the music he blares.

Ellen could not help but bring up Justin Bieber’s flashy car. The chromed-out Fisker Karma was given to Justin on her show, and she just had to ask what he did to it. The kid is a thinker. He explains the chrome is flashy and draws a lot of attention, but when paparazzi try to take pictures of him, it interferes with the shot. While that is a swell idea, there are plenty of pictures of Justin driving his car to disprove his theory. Better luck next time!

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