Justin Bieber, not Selena Gomez invited to Kim Kardashian’s wedding?

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Hold up! Justin Bieber gets a wedding invite for Kim Kardashian’s wedding, but his gal pal Selena Gomez doesn’t? Somebody do something; who says this kind of thing is even possible? Some wedding list.

It’s not so bad, right? After all, President Barack Obama and the First Lady did not receive a wedding invitation from Kate Middleton and Prince William for the Royal Wedding. As a matter of fact, Fergie didn’t either.

Kim Kardashian 2Okay, here is an attempt at sorting this thing out. She forgot. The check’s in the mail. Reggie Bush has her mind out of whack (Kris Humphries, no worries).

Or maybe Sel Go is not feeling the Kendall Jenner double-date thing with JB’s homie. Okay, it was just a shot in the dark.

But if Will Smith (and Jada Pinkett Smith), Ryan Seacrest (duh), J-Lo, and Eva Longoria made it on Kim Kardashian’s wedding invite list, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez—not just the Bieb—should be a no-brainer.

After tearing up the Teen Choice Awards 2011 with five surfboards, having a successful tour, and smash hit with “Who Says,” the Wizards of Waverly Place princess should be a shoe-in.

Don’t count her out yet; she will probably be his trophy date when the stars hit the red carpet. Just think how it will be if Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber arrived via helicopter at the $10 million nuptials.

No that would be too old school. What about a grand entrance by horse and buggy? Now that is Hollywood! And the crowd goes wild!

Sure—everyone can’t get an invite. Perhaps Kim Kardashian honestly forgot, or it’s just a big surprise. Did you get your invite? Check the mail.

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