Justin Bieber OKs Pot Jokes for ‘SNL’ Gig (Video)

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Despite the blow to his public image, according to a report from New York Daily News, Justin Bieber will allow SNL to write in pot jokes when he hosts the show on February 9th.

Earlier this month Biebs was busted by TMZ for smoking marijuana in a hotel room. The incident may have smudged his squeeky clean image, but he’s not about to let it tear him down. Instead, he’s just going to laugh it up and keep moving forward!

“Bieber is telling SNL they can literally make fun of them for whatever they want to,” says Splash News. (See the below video for more.) The decision is one that could be in Bieber’s favor. There’s nothing that fans hate more than denial from a celebrity, especially when there’s clear evidence behind it. For him, honesty is the best policy so that he doesn’t let down his Beliebers.

The Biebs has already admitted that he’s not a perfect person for his mistakes. On Twitter, shortly after the weed incident Justin Bieber wrote, “everyday growing and learning. trying to be better. u get knocked down, u get up.”

Are you ready to forgive JB and laugh with him on SNL?

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